For Persian New Year or Nowroz

When you look up Haft-seen online a Wikipedia page with the full list of what is needed for your spread pops up. Haft-seen means the seven s’s in Farsi. This is a spread Persians have been putting on their alter for Persian New Year for 3000 years. It was a tradition which began by Zoroastrians.

Nowruz, meaning New Day marks the start of the Persian Calendar which is congruent with the astrological calendar. This year Nowruz arrives on March 20, 2021 at 2:37:28 AM PST. …

The Most Powerful Meditation EVER for Feeling Worthy, Whole and Complete

YouTube Video by Aaron Doughty

Aaron Doughty has become a YouTube sensation by creating daily content that are usu-ally about fifteen minutes long where he speaks on the childhood experiences that made him feel unworthy. After going through a shift, reading, learning and meditating he decided to share his experiences with his audience. He talks about letting go of the past and aligning with our higher self, by detaching with negative life experiences that can pigeon hole us into an undesirable life.

I began following Aaron three years…


Haft Seen Spread you will see in most Persian homes to celebrate Nowruz (Persian New Year).

I pray that you and your family are healthy, joyful, and prosperous during this new year.

On Sunday, March 21, at 2:37 AM PST marks the start of spring and the beginning of the Persian new year also known as Nowruz, which is the oldest holiday in known history. A tradition which was started by the Zoroastrians 500 BC. The Persian Calendar was one the first Calendar’s to date and it equates the astrological calendar.

During Nowruz (New Day), we celebrate the gift of life and nature’s gift’s that help us through the coming year. For Nowruz we…

Home remedies to treat the Coronavirus

The first case of COVID- 19 was diagnosed on Nov 17, 2019 in an individual from Hubei Province in China. Since then it has spread globally, blanketing the globe with fear. The countries that have been hit the most are China, Iran, and Italy. Currently, there are no vaccines or cures for this virus.

When I looked up the Coronoavirus online I found this: “ Coronavirus disease
(COVID-19) is characterized by mild symotoms including a runny nose, soar throat, cough, and fever. Illness can be more severe for some people and can lead to…

Fashion Meets Literature, Just BE BE

A Holiday Party and a chance meeting with Manny Mashouf

Dan Tana’s Resturant, West Hollywood

One Friday evening my good friend Luca and I were hanging out at Dan Tana’s, an Italian restaurant located on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. For many years this location has been the hub to rub elbows with A list Hollywood celebrities. Even though Dan Tana’s is famous for their Caesar salads I opted for the anti-pasta which was oh so yummy. As we sat there siping on wine, and eating their infamous cheesy garlic bread a patron at the bar began speaking…

Or Shall I say “Chai tea Latte” under the Bridge

Yummy Chai Latte and Poached Egg Biscuit, Verve Coffee, Melrose Ave
Chai Latte with Poached Egg Biscuit at Verve Coffee on Melrose Ave, Los Angles CA

As I drove to my day job at Engel and Voelkers realty this morning. I decided to take the scenic route and drove through the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). It rained two days ago which means the air was fresh, crisp and vibrant. I just love this type of weather. It feels a little chilly but not too cold, it’s just right. This weather is the reason most people in the world flock to LA.

So, I got away with a light jacket. As the breeze brushed against my skin…

A Writer’s Right!~

A Latte and a Croissant at Urth Cafe, Laguna Beach Nov 2019

I was given the key to Heaven this Thanksgiving Weekend. Maybe it’s just my heaven, but if you’ve been to Laguna Beach I’d say you’d agree with me.

This thanksgiving weekend was the first thanksgiving holiday weekend that my daughter was spending with her dad and his family. Which meant I had the whole Thursday through Sunday all to myself. I love thanksgiving, because I love cooking and eating! I grew up in large family of several aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended family members including friends that we had adopted into our family. This was back…

Leaving home

Of Mace and Men

A telling story between a Persian Father and Daughter

Last week when I dropped off My daughter at her dad’s house, he came out holding something. He said, here.

I asked “what’s that?”

He said: “it’s mace.”

“Mace?” I asked.

“For protection.” He said. I didn’t know what to say. “Thanks.” I guess. We’ve been divorced for over five years, what made him think about my safety all of a sudden?

I was confused and didn’t know why he cared, why now?

This incident took me back a few years. …

Anahita Mojahed

A writer and lover of life. Fascinated with the question of “who am I?” and spaces I juggle writing and Real Estate. Living an inspired authentic life.

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