6 Ways to Increase Your Vibration From the Outside In!

There are tons of wonderful information about raising our vibration from the inside out but not much time is spend explaining the HOW to increase your vibe from the outside in.

What I mean by going inside is through doing a little self probing, meditation, shadow work, reading self-help books and watching endless YouTube videos on the subject of Law of Attraction.

Those are very helpful methods and often times do work. However, for someone who’s new to this realm one may get lost and not know how to begin.

This is why I’ve come up with SIX easy steps to increasing your vibration through action in the physical realm. Plus a bonus. Stay tuned till the end and find out what the bonus is.

I came up with this topic based on a conversation I had with a Chiropractor whom I used to work for back in 2017. It was during my summer break from teaching and a friend asked me to cover the front desk office as an office manager for just a couple of month.

Clean and clutter free living space

Numero UNO — 1

Clean and Redecorate your living room— by getting rid of old furnishings and cleaning the take up space in your home you automatically create space for new fresh energy to flow in.

Dermatologists state that we shed over 35 kg of skin over a life time. Imagine how much of it end up in our pillow, mattress, couch, and rugs!

The need for a deep cleaning of these items often goes undetected.

This is the reason it is suggested that we replace our mattress every 10 years. How about your pillow? When was the last time you replaced your pillow?

To keep the shelf life of your pillow I’d recommend putting it in the dryer for a good 45 minutes.

This will get rid of any dust mitts or possible bacteria that may be lingering. No baby you ain’t welcome here no more… sounds like an old country song title.

Simple, elegant with high vibe bedroom

Numero Dos — 2

Deep Clean Your Room or Office Space — Our bedrooms is where we spend a lot of time. At leas 8/24 hours per day while we sleep.

However, if you’re like me you probably read, meditate, get dressed, listen to music while you get ready for a party in your room. Or start working on your blog post in bed when you can’t fall asleep at 4 am.

That tally’s up that number from 8/24 to a minimum of 12/24 which is half your entire day.

I better stop beating a dead horse as I’ve established that we spend way too much time in our rooms. So we better get out brooms out and put on some motivational rock music and get to it.

Helpful Hint: Wash your sheets weekly, and clean under the bed. A lot of dust can gather quick. By cleaning under the bed you allow energy to flow through your room creating a high positive vibration.

This space needs to be functions and not cluttered. I’ve listen to a Marie Dimond Feng Shui YouTube Videos on YouTube fro inspiration and helpful tips.

One tip I really liked was her suggestion on having our desks face the door or entry way. This way we give the universe the notion that we are ready to accept our abundance and meet new clients.

The Auric Field begins at the heart and surrounds our body.

Numero Tres — 3

Exercise — When we move our bodies through exercise we directly change the physical field around us. We all have an auric field around us that extends out up to six feet. Some say even more.

Has this ever happened to you?

The power of our auric field is so strong that at times when we are thinking of someone they call. Or we walk out of the house thinking of someone and we accidentally run into them.

This is how we are connect to certain family members even when they live on the opposite end of the world. When they are hurt we may get anxious and call them up on to affirm that there was something wrong after all.

When the vibration of our auric field is lowered it may cause illness and allow viruses to effect our physical body. More on this in future blogs.

An organized closet with space helps us get ready better for the day.

Numero Cuatro — 4

Clear Your Closets — One thing most of us do is to hang on things that connect us to the past. For example a jacket an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend gave us back in high school. An old dress our mom wore to her prom.

You know you ain’t ever gonna wear that old dried out thing! So why are you keeping it.

By letting go of the past we communicate with the universe that we are ready and welcome new and better experiences.

I know a lot of single people who dowel over a past girlfriend or boyfriend. Meanwhile, they might be single. It doesn’t pay off to hang on to old items or even old thoughts and feelings about the past.

Memories are wonderful, it great to remember our fond memories, however we must let it go and not dowel over it if we want to upgrade!

Helpful Hint: To clear our attachments to the past we must get rid of their physical evidence.

The smoke from a burning sage bundle can cleanse your space quick.

Numero Cinco — 5

Burn Sage — You can do this any time for a quick lift of vibration.

I recommend burning sage after your deep cleaning or even for a quick lift at least once a week.

It’s also a great trick to use for the time when your life is hectic. You know, those days when you’re running from work to home and only using your home to sleep.

We’ve all have those weeks when we don’t even have time to bring in the mail from the mail box. The mail box gets so stuffed that you get a paper cut trying to pry the mail out of the mail box.

Those are the times when a sage can do the trick!

This I call: a quick vibrational facelift for your physical surroundings.

The benefit of Sage is that it kills viruses or bacteria that are lingering in the air and opens up the space in your home for new energy.

Helpful Hint: For best results close all the windows and flood your home with smoke. This creates a hot house, it may even signal the fire alarm.

…have no worry, as soon as you open all the doors and windows the smoke will flood out taking away all the things you no longer want in your home.

*Please use caution anytime you are using fire. You know this.

A Chiropractor can adjust us and helps us heal any physical or postural issues.

Numero Seis — 6

See a Chiropractor — A Chiropractor can help you with your posture. Good posture is representative of confidence and health.

We live in society of visual individuals. Most people can pick up on our demeanor based on our posture.

The Chiropractor I was working with said: based on the way your walk I can tell that your are not living up to your potential or following your passion.

I know we are hard on ourselves to begin with and you might think you don’t need this, but this really helped me. He said by correction your posture you could fix most of your physical and emotional blocks.

This is when I learned the term — healing ourselves from the OUTSIDE IN!

The idea for this blog has been long time coming. Yeah, I am slow, don’t judge me. LOL! Kidding — It’s not that I am slow, but it is that we often don’t follow our passion until a big bang or something in our life propels us forward.

I am being vulnerable here which is something I am learning to do so bear with me if the writing becomes choppy.

I meet that Chiropractor the summer of 2017. Since then I have been dealing with health issues and other crises which all lead me to the fact that I am a writer and have always been.

I no longer ask for permission to be who I am.

My daughter and on Snap Chat!

What does this have to do with Cleaning our Vibration from the Outside In?


If I hadn’t heard it from someone that I was not following my life’s mission due to my walk — I wouldn’t face the aggravating truth that I needed to listen to my body better.

Our body speaks to us through illness, or headaches. All of these are signs that we aren’t following our bliss.

On the other hand, laughter, living pain free and feeling grateful happen when we are following our bliss.

In order to follow our bliss we must set aside self-criticism. Self-criticism can be deadly. It will zap our energy and vigor for life before we can spell vigor.

That’s when we wake up and think: “ oh — shoot! It’s too late.”

But age is no longer a factor in today’s society. The moment you get off the couch to follow your bliss you are STEPPING into your BLISS.

I am not saying it is easy. It’s actually difficult — maybe that’s why we don’t move forward. Or we wait too long and we inadvertently paralyze ourselves thinking that being ourselves is too difficult a task.

You see, we have been listening to nay sayers for such a long time that we have lost connection with our very being. This makes me sad, because the world would be a much better place if we all followed the intent that universal energy put into us when we were born.

We all came here for a mission and to unfollow our intuition is a crime to humanity. Because we are depriving ourselves from our bliss but also others that may benefit from our gifts.

Maybe this is the answer to world peace. When we all walk straight and step into our bliss we’ll live in harmony.

When the SUN shines nothing can mask its beauty.

The doctor had noticed that I was stepping my right foot slightly to the right. This slight movement showed the doctor that I was not willing to take chances on my passions.

You see when we don’t value ourselves it gives others permission to take advantage of us or not see us in good light.

These qualities are very common in light-workers and intuitive’s. Because we were the black sheep that didn’t follow the crowd so we were left out in the dark.

Take a chance on you!

Let me tell you friends — it is our time now. There has never been more support for people who are emotionally in-tune with the universe.

Helpful Hint: Take a chance and be yourself.

By following your bliss and doing what you were born to do, everything will soon fall into place.

Before then you have work to do — follow the instructions of this blog if it resonates with you.

  1. Once you no longer have to deal with physical clutter you will have to deal with the emotional clutter in your mind.
  2. The steps in this blog are simple yet doable. By winning at small tasks you will feel empowered. that may help you decrease the fear of failure.

You won’t fail, because you’re wonderful when you are you. Fear of failure is not your own thoughts, they are thoughts ingrained in us by the authority figures.

When we don’t take these chances, others like employers or clients aren’t going to connect with us either.

Bonus — For a quick fix simply go to each corner of the each room and clap. The vibration of the sound is enough to make a substantial vibrational uplift. You can use any noise maker from bells to whistles.

Sound healing bowls helps us heal internally and emotionally.

This is why today there are tons of sound healers helping people with pain all the way up to healing serious illness.

Among ancient cultures like the Chinese, wind chimes are popular. They believe by hanging wind chimes with five hallow metal or bamboo tubes you can create prosperity, good health, and happiness.

I believe it is due to energy shift caused by the vibration of the sound in and around the home.

Sound creates space for energy to move around. This is why musicians and rock stars are loved in our culture. We are moved by the sounds that comes from an instrument or a singer. In turn seeing the lead singer as the cause of our blissful feeling.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject. Please subscribe and clap at the bottom of the page and share with friends and family. I appreciate your support. .

I made a video about this subject and you can find it on my YouTube channel @AnahitaTV. Her is the link to 6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration From The Outside In https://youtu.be/vGpjkBRCcYw



A writer and lover of life. Fascinated with the question of “who am I?” and spaces I juggle writing and Real Estate. Living an inspired authentic life.

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Anahita Adivi

A writer and lover of life. Fascinated with the question of “who am I?” and spaces I juggle writing and Real Estate. Living an inspired authentic life.