Covid Effects Your Stomach

How to take control of your gut after you survive CODVID-19

What no one has ever talked about is that fact that Covid rips through your belly. In the beginning you get diarrhea, sorry if you’re squeamish, but I am not one to hold back about the truth.

SARS in captivity!

Next, it’s uncontrollable vomiting! It’s pretty bad because all you’ve had is your vitamins and water.

Yes, your body ends up hating water so the only liquids you can drink is hot tea, and juices. Water is only drinkable if you add lemon juice. Which is good for you due to vitamin C which you’ll need a lot of during Covid and afterwards. So I bought a 5 Lb bag of lemons and I have been drinking my water that way.

I also hear you can start drinking tons of distilled water. This is a great way to reduce the viral load. Except you gotta add lemon. It’s the only time now that I really don’t like lemon water. It used to be my thing and now it tastes line medicine. Why you ask? Because that’s also a COVID symptom.

Nothing tastes as it used to. So everyday I try to discover a fruit or a food that tastes somewhat bearable. I find Naked juice is really tasty. Since water is source of vomiting I’ve been drinking a lot Naked Mango blend juices and it tastes great and feels like food.

Grapes are full of Potassium which means unloading in the morning.

Yeah, you lose a lot of weight if that’s what you want. But I get hungry a lot and I’ve been eating. It’s important to get proper nutrition from your food to build your blood supply. I recommend grapes and dates.

  1. Grapes are dates are very potent supper foods. Grapes are a source of potassium which balances hydration in your blood. Yes, you will be low in potassium which means constipation after your survive COVID.
  2. Dates are high in calories which is what you need to get your energy back. High in fiber which will help flush you out. It’s an antioxidant which means it will help reduce your viral load. I think you should have your family bring it to you if you’re having to stay at a hospital, so you can survive the hospital food and get out alive. It also reduces inflammation and controls your blood sugar. Yes folks, it has sugar but it’s smart and it evens out your blood sugar. So YES to DATES.
  3. Aloe Vera juice is your best friend. I found out the hard way. I would get up late at night and I’d sit in the bathroom trying to get rid of stuff, but no GO if you know what I mean. I always keep Aloe Vera juice in the fridge so I have made it a habit of taking 2 oz every night before bed. Please for the love of GOD get some for your own sanity. It’s great for your liver functioning and keeping the viral load down, hydration, clear skin, and it has calcium, selenium, manganese, zinc and potassium! Score! Better yet, keep it by your bedside fridge if you’re fancy and have one of those.
  4. Exercise! MOVE! You gotta get off the couch or your bed no matter what. COIVD causes blood clots in your body and the only way to help elevate that is too take short walks or slowly go back to your exercise regiment. The second day I was home I took a spin class then did some weight training and it felt amazing. I just knew I had to sweat and I did. It was my mission for that day. I wanted to unload the viral load and sweat out the meds I had been getting while I was at the hospital. What ever is your jam just DO IT, like NIKE! Dance around the house naked for all I care as long as you’re moving. Due some yoga or better yet go Tom Brady on me and start self massage. You gotta at least massage your feet and legs before bed every night. Trust me, you need the circulation. You don’t want this to be your life or lose a limb due to clotting. So don’t be lazy. DO IT. This is coming from a place of love. You will thank yourself in a year when you see people and how COVID aftermath has effect their lives. We’ll pray for them. For now take care of you BO~
Three DATES a day keeps the doctor away!

This is survival baby! Survival of the fittest and the one thing I’ve learned is that those who have better lives as adults are the ones that take care of their gut health. Your gut as you know is very complicated and is directly connected to your brain and your heart. There are these ganglion cells in your gut which help remove waste from you body. You want them to due their job and COVID, well, ruins that.

You want to make sure you take control of your bowls. It’s fight but you can do it. You have to have patience and read what I put out on here. It’s for you, you’re welcome. Kidding. I don’t want to get too scary on you with wild terms. I figure we’re all in this together so we might as well share what we know and learn. I welcome your ideas and thoughts and I open to learning from you and your family wisdom. We can use these platforms to help each other get informed. After all, we are all one big family drinking the same water and breathing the same recycled air. We are one, so we might as well act like it and share the love. SHARE THE LOVE! BLESS YOU MY FRIENDS and May the Force be with you!

Please comment below and let me know you love me too. Share your ideas.



A writer and lover of life. Fascinated with the question of “who am I?” and spaces I juggle writing and Real Estate. Living an inspired authentic life.

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Anahita Adivi

A writer and lover of life. Fascinated with the question of “who am I?” and spaces I juggle writing and Real Estate. Living an inspired authentic life.