How to Build Immunity and Stay healthy During the Coronavirus Scare

Anahita Adivi
6 min readMar 19, 2020


Home remedies to treat the Coronavirus

The first case of COVID- 19 was diagnosed on Nov 17, 2019 in an individual from Hubei Province in China. Since then it has spread globally, blanketing the globe with fear. The countries that have been hit the most are China, Iran, and Italy. Currently, there are no vaccines or cures for this virus.

When I looked up the Coronoavirus online I found this: “ Coronavirus disease
(COVID-19) is characterized by mild symotoms including a runny nose, soar throat, cough, and fever. Illness can be more severe for some people and can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties. (World Health Organiztion)”

Some cautionary advise:

  1. Wash Your Hands and face.

The one thing we’ve all heard is to keep washing our hands with warm water for twenty seconds or more. I also recommend washing your face once your hands are clean, since the virus gets transferred through mouth, eyes and nose. Hear is a short video on how to wash your hands.

2. Don’t Touch Your Face

This virus can be transferred from your hands, hence we are to refrain from touching our face, unless you are going to wash it. The virus can get in through the nose, eyes, and mouth.

3. Drink Lots of Liquids.

Drinking water and herbal tea is considered a great way to get rid of any virus specially the Coronavirus. Not only is it a great way to hydrate but also doctors believe that the virsus sits on the esophagus and can be washed down to the stomach where it is destroyed by stomach acids.

4. Eat Plenty of Homemade Soups

Vegetable Soup

One of the best things about soup is that it is easy to make. All you need is a pot of water and a few staples everyone should have in their fridge and spice cabinet during flu season. One easy vegetarian soup can be chopped carrots, celery, leek, spanich, garlic and cilantro. I’d add salt, pepper, bay leaf, a pinch of turmeric, and cayann. If you’re not vegetarian just add chicken. The benfits of some of these ingridenst: Garlic which has proven medicinal properties and consist of: natural antibiotic, treats resparority problems, anti-cancer properties, aids in heart and blood’s natural functions, and much more. Cilantro is another superfood that I never go home without! It’s packed with essential vitamins, minerals and it is a potent heavy-metal detoxifier. I also call it the poor man’s water filter. Just add a few strands of cilantro to your pitcher of water (straight out of the faucet), leave it for a couple of hours or overnight, take out the cilantro then drink. Leeks are from the same family as garlic and onions, they are packed with Vitamin A, K1, C, boasts immunity, may aid in weight loss and heart and lung functions.

The reason I say it should be homemade is because you can control the ingredients, making sure they are from a good source. Plus it infuses your house with wonderful scents making it feel like a home. The combination of these delicious ingredients, and the aroma of fresh vegatables are bound to make this implied quarantine feel like a breeze.

5. Handel Food Carefully.

When you purchase food, wipe down boxed or canned items with antibacterial wipes. If hand wipes are sold out create your own antibacterial spray with one-part white vinegar and one-part water.

Submerge fruits and vegetables in a water bath for an hour using a dab of liquid soap or 2–4 table sppons of white vinegar as cleanser. Rinse through in two to three water baths, rubbing the produce to breakdown the virus molecules. White vinegar is a great product to have on hand during this time. It’s safer than most household cleaning products. I use the water/vinegar mixture as an antiseptic cleanser to wipe surfaces, including the floors. This might be a few extra steps for some, but it’s important to wash your fruits and vegetables this way to keep your loved ones safe from coming in contact with a virus.

6. Leave a Change of Clothing at the Door.

According to some doctors COVID-19 has mutated and it has become stronger and it will stay on clothing for up to 12 hours. Some suggest we should change our going out clothes with fresh clothing as soon as we step into the house. This is advise I’ve been given by friends and family residing in Italy. The entire country of Italy has been in quarantined and they know a few things about this COVID-19 . If we take the given measures we may have a chance at avoiding being quarantined for several months. The sooner we are able to get through this period the sooner things can go back to normal.

7. Practice Gratitude and Trust Your Government.

On a recent visit to Walmart, empty Toilet paper shelves.

Let’s all be grateful for everything we have. At the risk of sounding like a nationalist I’d like to add that we live in the Unites States of America which is a first world county. We’ve always had access to plenty of food, health care, and for the most part safe living quarters. We have been spoiled in that we have not had anything close to what other countries across the globe deal with daily. We’ve been pampered so we are clueless as to how to deal with a pandamic. I was stunned to see people storing food for up to eight months as one of my neighbor’s declared. In rural China, Iran, and Italy people still have access to ample food and clean water why should we (citizen of United States) worry about food shortage? Instead, let’s be mindful of each other and take what we need for a week so that other’s can have the same access to necessary items until the stores have time to replenish their shelves.

8. Read.

Although reading has nothing to do with the Coronavirus, yet for the weeks to come we will have a lot of extra time on our hands. Why not use this time to read. Instead of thumbing through your social media why not cozy-up on our favorite chair with a cup of warm beverage and read a clasic novel or brush up on Latin. I know that’s taking it too far, but why not? I wrote a little story about a heartwarming encounter with my father that might be just what your need. Here is a link to one of my most liked story:

I know we will get through this as a nation. Let’s take this oppertunity to be kind and generous towards one another. After all, human’s are social animals and we need each other if we want to survive this in the long run.



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