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A Latte and a Croissant at Urth Cafe, Laguna Beach Nov 2019

I was given the key to Heaven this Thanksgiving Weekend. Maybe it’s just my heaven, but if you’ve been to Laguna Beach I’d say you’d agree with me.

This thanksgiving weekend was the first thanksgiving holiday weekend that my daughter was spending with her dad and his family. Which meant I had the whole Thursday through Sunday all to myself. I love thanksgiving, because I love cooking and eating! I grew up in large family of several aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended family members including friends that we had adopted into our family. This was back in my hometown of Toronto, Canada and later, Dallas, Texas. When I got married and moved to Los Angles, things changed. I tried to recreate that family bond and closeness, but it never seemed to take off. I miss the level of honesty and closeness that I experienced with my family and friends back in Toronto, and Dallas! Don’t get me wrong I love living in Los Angles, and having access to the most beautiful beaches and mountains. At the same time I can’t help but miss my parents, siblings and all the beautiful people I’ve been lucky to call family and friends.

Here in California I’ve meet a lot of wonderful people, but the tough part is that we’re all so busy and have a very limited time to connect with each other. So, we pick friend and date people based on proximity! Which means we miss out on connecting to a lot of wonderful people. This weekend I decided to reconnect with a wonderful group of friends. The leader of the pack lives at Laguna Beach which is 80 miles from me. I stayed with her last weekend which is in the heart of Laguna Beach. The following morning I got up and went for a run, which is something I do when I am in a new city. It’s the best way to learn about the geography and get to know the locals.

When I got to the beach I took off my shoes and went for a run. I love the feeling of the earth under my toes. By the halfway mark I felt the ocean calling me, as I stoped to look at the ocean I felt an overwhelming feeling of awh which brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t help but feel blessed. It was as if I was one with nature and I was being engulfed by the earth, ocean, air, and ether. I could feel an Almighty presence and I didn’t want that feeling to end. A few feet down the beach I ran into several surfers riding the waves. As I was running I wished that I could live here so I could do this everyday. Running up the stairs to walk back from the street I meet a local surfer. He was a great guy, all the kids and other surfers would stop to say hello to him. He was a kind man who had been injured in the head while surfing several years back and was now on disability. He had several surgeries, but he seemed to be doing well now. His life now revolved around finding the next best surf up and down the California Coast. He offered to teach me how to surf next time I was down at Laguna Beach. This gave me an idea! I could come back here again. I am not sure if I’ll have the nerve to surf yet, but I knew it would be a great place for me to write.

A writer and lover of life. Fascinated with the question of “who am I?” and spaces I juggle writing and Real Estate. Living an inspired authentic life.

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